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leaf girl card

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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

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it is time… OMOCAT shop has finally reopened!

we have new apparel, prints, and a limited edition OMOCAT art book! some of the items are still low in stock after multiple conventions and our pop-up shop, but we are in the process of reordering them, and will restock the shop as soon as we can! fall line will also be coming very soon!!

thank you for your support! hope your wait was worth it :)

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Drew a bunch of lily pads too…

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The Beekeeper’s Necklace is now available in my Hey Chickadee Shop! I love this design & I hope you’ll like it as well! :)

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Forest Rogers Sculptures

facebook,  deviantART  

The Symbolists. Medieval and early Renaissance art and illumination. Russian iconography.

That sculpture of the Simurgh is one of my favorite pieces of sculpture I’ve seen in years.

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Cleaning up my studio today, I found these lovely vintage stamps, how beautiful are they? by paula mills illustration on Flickr.

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Roberto Ferri. Ishtar. 2014.

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Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann - Visual Analysis of a Piece of Music from a Color-theory Class with Wassily Kandinsky (1930)

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Shoemaker by kasa51 on Flickr.

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Yumi Okita: Butterflies Sculptures


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Jones, Owen: Examples of Chinese ornament selected from objects in the South Kensington museum and other collections

1867 (x)

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Dragon Eyes

These are amazing


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Milan/Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2011  ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Tyler Hoechlin was featured in the inside story of August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue. Photographed by Bryan Kong.
MilanParisMFW @TylerL_Hoechlin from @MTVteenwolf featured in @AugustManMY Photographed by @bryankjins Styled by @VoJuliet

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Click here to support Send Freddy to School!


Hey guys!

You all on my follow list pretty much know the situation, but for people who don’t:

I’ve been mandated to take a health leave, and it’s stretched longer than it needed to due to money problems. I need to get back to school before I lose my scholarship.

I’m in a HUGE rut: I haven’t had a job in about a year, I haven’t been to school in longer, and I’ve exhausted the normal means to getting employed. Plus, if I have no money, I can’t go to school. Which is, as you’d probably understand, a frustrating catch 22 (since I’m probably even more unhirable, not having a college degree).

If I don’t get moving soon in a constructive direction, I don’t know if I’ll ever get out of this. I’ve begun having panic attacks about this hopeless situation. Please help with any amount if you can, and if you can’t, please pass this around.

It has no deadline, but I’d like to reach this goal by the 1st week of August so I can go to school ASAP. If I don’t get it then there’s always next semester, I suppose.

(The person donating the most will also get a digital art piece by me!)

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