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Stellar area rugs designed by Schönstaub

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소년/소녀와 꽃 합작 한거…마무리를 급하게해서 넘 아쉽다

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Hi there, here’s my cover for a chapter for the great comics Spera ( http://spera-comic.com/ ).
You have to read it, the story is great and it’s full of great artists. It was a pleasure to work on the character from Afu Chan.
Anyone sees the reference of an rpg on my cover hehe ?

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Green Imperial Pigeon (Ducula aenea) 绿皇鸠 | ©Sheau Torng Lim   (Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Hong Kong)

Duculea aenea (Columbiformes - Columbidae) is an arboreal species found in tropical southern Asia, from India east to Indonesia.

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Calvin Ross Carl

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Alice Ma with Next Models Canada in the spring issue of Chloe Magazine. Hair&Makeup by Natalie Ventola. Photography by Alex Evans.

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創作 | ナノ

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Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

photo submitted by marcelo ferrer @ grandmilodon.

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Northern women sewing for North American moccasin project: 600 moccasin tops being sewn in memory of missing, murdered indigenous women

Women from across the North are stitching up a storm to prepare for a massive art project. They are part of a group that’s making more than 600 pairs of moccasin tops in memory of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. The beaded works will be displayed as part of a travelling art installation project called Walking with our Sisters. Each pair of moccasins symbolizes the unfinished life of a missing or murdered woman.

Métis artist Christi Belcourt started the project. She said so far, more than 200 pairs have come in. "I’m always emotionally moved when a new pair comes in because I realize that one pair represents a women or a girl," said Belcourt. "People are really putting their love in the work. You can feel it when you hold it in your hand." The moccasin tops will be shown in a winding path on gallery floors. The first exhibition of the moccasin tops will open in Haida Gwaii in B.C. on Aug. 20.

Contemporary Art Week!

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Photography by Arvida Byström I love fake magazine 2013.

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Fashions of the Future as Imagined in 1893

Illustrations from “Future Dictates of Fashion” by W. Cade Gall that was published in the January 1893 issue of The Strand magazine.

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forest confession

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